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Message from CEO Dave Morgan

Update on Y closure and community outreach.

March 24, 2020

Source: Vicky Kettner
Job Title: Marketing and Communications Director
Department: Marketing and Mission Advancement
Phone: 269.348.1711
Email: vkettner@kzooymca.org


Hi, members, this is Dave Morgan, CEO of the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo. It's been more than a week since we've been able to see you at the YMCA, and it actually feels much longer than that. Our facility is meant to be full of kids and families and seniors who turn to the Y as their place to be for physical and social well-being. Unfortunately, in many cases our rooms are quiet and our hallways are dark.

So the first thing I want to let all of you know is that we miss you dearly. We can't wait for the day, hopefully not too long from now, that we will be able to welcome you back. And that will truly be a great day. And it will come, I promise you. Until then, I hope you've found the resources that we've put on our website and social media to allow you virtual workout opportunities, including personal appearances by some of our very own health & wellness staff. We want to give you some sense of normalcy and it is important that you continue your workouts during this trying time.

So, let me update you on some of the things the YMCA is doing. Because while our facilities are quieter than normal, we are still in full force in many ways.

Our YMCA members staff are putting themselves at risk each and every day to make sure meals are provided to some of the most vulnerable kids and families in our community. To date, we have served over 2,000 and we only expect that to increase as this crisis continues.

We are also holding an emergency child care program at the Maple St. Y to make sure our essential personnel can get to work each and every day. This is our health care workers to make sure our hospitals and clinics are fully staffed. This is our safety professionals to make sure our communities are safe and well taken care of, and this our grocery store workers to make sure our food supply remains open and available to all of us. These are essential personnel and we want to make sure we are going to support them. We are also doing that at a subsidized rate to not put any undue burden on them as they do this critical work. We want to make sure we are there to support them.

And, we will continue to find ways to support our staff. 100% of our employees will be getting their regularly scheduled paycheck in early April and we are evaluating options to continue to support them as we move through this crisis.

So, that is where I come to you. We need your help. We need you to stay with us during these trying times. Obviously, based on the governor's order we won't be open for regular business until later in the month. So, it's a different kind of proposition for you, when we can't offer the usual swim and gym facilities and activities that you are used to and can't wait to get back to. But I m asking you to stay with us as a member so that we can continue to critical community work.

We understand that some of you might not be in a position to be able to do that. So we will available through email, by phone to make sure you can connect with us should you decide to put your membership on hold. We again, hope you stay with us, but we understand if you can't. We are much stronger together. We need to stay together during these trying times so that as the crisis continues we are there to support one another.

We appreciate all that you do and we want you to stay safe and thank you for supporting the YMCA. This is your YMCA and we appreciate you.

Contact Information:
Maple Y: Andrea Heidtman, 269.345.9622 or Aheidtman@kzooymca.org
Portage Y: Jennifer Nardi, 269.324.9622 or Jnardi@kzooymca.org

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