Updates on progress and impact will be posted here routinely.

Our goal is to keep users abreast of impacts to services and access to areas. We will also be utilizing our Mobile Phone App and emails to communicate this information.

NOTICE DATE: Thursday, October 19
The main parking lot was opened to vehicular traffic, today. Please take note:

  • There is an area still cordoned off for continued staging and construction needs.
  • Handicap spaces have not yet been designated.
  • Please continue to use the over-flow parking lot off of Hudson as needed.

Inside: The last main construction component of demolition was accomplished this week, tearing down the wall between the new and old spaces. Currently still off limits, the visqueen barrier does show how the natural light will affect that area.

NOTICE DATE: Wednesday, October 4

Due to student safety concerns and available space at Maple Magnet, we are no longer able to park across the street at the school. The school is enforcing this. To avoid being towed, please park in the overflow parking lot behind the church off of Hudson.

We are sending this message out with urgency, this afternoon.

NOTICE DATE: Tuesday, October 3

MAPLE STREET ENTRANCE: Will be closed Friday, October 6 from 5A to 2P.

PARKING LOT: Will remain closed to regular traffic until the week of October 16. We have decided that in the best interest of member and staff safety, it is best to keep the lot closed as an active construction site.

Tuesday, September 26

  • HOT-TUB: Due to unforeseen boiler manufacturing delays, the hot-tub will not open as anticipated in mid-October and could take as long as the end of the year to reopen.
  • CARDIO THEATRE: Is now open.
  • PARKING LOT: On track for completion by Monday, October 2

Thursday, September 21

Accessing the tennis house through the outdoor tennis court and cage area is NOT going to happen. We will continue walking through the Cardio Theatre area. Don t be alarmed when you see that the floor is being worked on. There will be a path for us through which to walk.

Background: It s amazing how one day of rain can throw off plans and back-up plans, but now we are on plan C and that s how we must roll. Three cheers to the our tennis players for keeping up with all the changes. Thank you to our contractors and project managers for figuring out how to make things work.

Good News: Parking paving is scheduled for Monday, and the weather looks great.

NOTICE DATE: Tuesday, September 19
There will be a delay in the previously planned alternative entrance for the Tennis House. Due to the rain causing a delay in paving the parking lot, we will continue using the interior access through the Cardio Theatre. At this time, the alternative plan to use the far south entrance by the outdoor tennis courts will be delayed until Friday, September 22.

In other words: keep using the Cardio Theatre access until 9/22.


  • New Addition: We will start to see the installation of the glass, this week.
  • New Addition: Materials are being delivered this week for the start of the elevator installation.
  • Lower Level: Walls in the Youth Development area are being knocked down.
  • Pool Demolition: Debris removal continues, as the wrecking ball continues to support the excavation of the foundation. Videos of the demolition can be seen our of Facebook page.

Please consider allowing a few extra minutes to get to where you want to be when planning your trip to the Maple Y. It is taking a couple minutes longer
to find parking spaces, and to navigate the building during re-routes.

September 14
TENNIS HOUSE ENTRANCE: BIG TEMPORARY CHANGE. THIS IS TRICKY---PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Beginning September 20, the only way to get into the tennis house will be through the most southern exterior door, which is through the tall chain linked fence in the far back close to the outdoor courts (where normally the YMCA bus is stored.) The parking lot will still be unavailable for general use and will be closed HOWEVER, there will be a path designated for tennis house users along the far south side of the lot. Tennis house users must park in the far corner of the lot (by the outdoor courts.) There will be NO WAY TO GET TO THE TENNIS HOUSE from inside the main Y building until Tuesday, September 26, through the Cardio Theatre.

PARKING LOT: Should be opened for use Monday, October 2. It will be obvious when the lot opens. We are all looking forward to it.

NEW STUDIO SPACE: The new studio is located on the second floor, through the south gym, in one of the raquet ball courts. It is the first court on the left. This, henceforth, will be referred to as the STUDIO LOFT. The STUDIO LOFT is now available for classes and personal training, only. A reminder, that once the new construction is complete, we will be able to designate space for kettlebells and other items that were normally found in the former studio space.

September 12
Things are getting real. Within the week, we will be hearing construction and demolition from essentially every corner of the property. Here s what s going on this week:

PARKING LOT: Paved on Monday and Tuesday, September 18 and 19.

LOBBY/FRONT DESK AREA: Walls will be broken down to create the new access points. This will be noisy and dusty. Plastic partition walls should decrease the mess. Sensitive ears should consider using the Portage facility these next couple weeks.

CARDIO ROOM: Closed and off limits starting September 15-25. Reopens Tuesday, September 26. We can look forward to new equipment and new flooring. We will henceforth refer to this space as the CARDIO THEATRE ROOM.

GROUP EXERCISE ROOM: No interruption.

ACCESS TO LOWER LEVEL: Continue using the general locker room stairwells to the track area to access the Group Ex room and the Cardio Theatre until further notice.

STUDIO ROOM: No longer exists. The kettlebells are temporarily unavailable until a new studio style classroom is created in the squash court area. This new programming area, when it comes on line, will be for classes and supervised training, only. Once construction is complete, there will be an open stretching and free weight area where additional kettlebells and equipment similar to our original studio space will be available.

OLD POOL/NEW POOL: Demolition starts this week.

Shower facility alert: Please be aware that the water temperature Thursday morning to early afternoon will be below the normal settings, due to a planned shutdown of the boiler system which will take place Wednesday night. The boiler system will take several hours to heat the water back up to normal temperature. This will affect all shower/locker room areas throughout the building.

Background info: The boiler system will be shut-down during the off hours, as part of a water-shut down, while work crews re-pipe in preparation for the new pool installation.

It is our first priority to reduce construction impact to the Y membership. We ask for your continued patience and understanding as we move toward heavier and more frequent construction impacts and inconveniences.

UNEXPECTED IMPACT: The tennis house will be closed until Friday, September 8. Staff is working hard to get court times switched and rescheduled. Tennis players are encouraged to play at Portage.

YOUTH AREA: The lower level youth spaces will not be available for kids to use, so Pete will be moving games, etc up to the gym.

ACCESS TO LOWER LEVEL: Access to the track area will be utilized through the men's and women's general locker-room. Full-service men's stairway is also available, but Women's full-service lower level will not have access to the track.


FRONT MAPLE STREET TURN-AROUND DRIVE WAY: The week of September 11, a fence will be going up at our north entrance (pre-school side of building), from the overhang and angling out toward the school's large parking lot. A new drive entrance will be cut into the curb, allowing cars to come in and use the semi-circle drive (smaller, but accessible). The grass and large tree will be torn up to allow for extra parking spaces.

HOT TUB: Closed until mid October. This is due to the new filtration system that is being built to support both the hot tub and the new pool.

CARDIO ROOM: The cardio room will be closed Monday, September 15- Tuesday, September 26. New floor will be installed as well as all new cardio equipment.

STUDIO: This space no longer exists.

There are NO fee-based classes September 5 - September 10.
Free to member classes will be happening September 5 - 10.
The new session starts September 11.


  • The Cardio room will be closed September 15-26 for new flooring and new equipment.
  • As of today, the Studio will no longer be in service.


  • The building will be completely shut down August 28 - September 4 for construction, routine maintenance and Labor Day.
  • The main parking lot is now under construction. Use the overflow lot off of Hudson behind the church or the north end of the Maple School lot.
  • Handicap parking is affected and now limited.
  • The hot tub will be closed for an extended period of time beginning August 28. Expect a 6-8 week shut-down period.


  • The main Y parking lot will be closed Monday, August 21 through September 15.
  • The tennis entrance will close permanently Monday, August 21.
  • The tennis desk will no longer exist beginning Monday, August 21.
  • The building will be closed for major construction and annual maintenance Monday, August 28 through Monday, September 4.

The parking lot main entrance will be closed 8/1 and 8/2 (Tuesday and Wednesday.) The Maple Street entrance and the Tennis entrance will be open at this time.

The Y's parking lot will be under construction the entire month of August. Alternative parking will be available at

  • The overflow parking lot off of Hudson (behind the church)
  • Maple Street School

The main entrance to the building off of the parking lot will be closed 7/27 and 7/28 (Thursday and Friday.) The Maple Street entrance and the Tennis entrance will be open at this time.

LOOKING AHEAD: The Y's parking lot will be under construction the entire month of August. Alternative parking will be available at

  • The overflow parking lot off of Hudson (behind the church)
  • Maple Street School

No impacts to any YMCA experiences these next two weeks.
Work is being contained under the roof of the new addition.


  • The main building entrance off of the parking lot will be closed Thursday and Friday.
  • Parking will be limited in the back parking lot.
  • Handicap accessibility in the back lot will not be available.
  • Limited handicapped parking will be available off of the Maple St. drive way.
  • People requiring close access to the building on these days are encouraged to use the Portage Y.

Expect congestion on Hudson Street as cement trucks line up around the perimeter of the Y's property to pour the foundation slab.

  • The main building entrance off of the parking lot will be closed Thursday and Friday.
  • The main parking lot will have limited accessibility during the day.
  • Please use the overflow parking off of Hudson or Maple Street School parking lot.
  • To avoid this area entirely, use the Maple Street entrance (north side).

JULY 5, 6 and 7: Roof framework will be installed. Expect to see a very large crane in the main parking lot, and 70 ft long trucks on Hudson Street. Access to Hudson will be very limited, and may at times be completely closed to through traffic.

  • The main parking lot will be closed.
  • The main back (south) entrance will be closed.
  • The Tennis entrance will remain open.


  • Park in the Maple School parking lot.
  • Use the front Maple Street (north) entrance.
  • Consider using the Portage facility.


--The former tennis lobby and connecting hallway will be under major construction Thursday, June 22
and Friday, June 23. Loud jackhammering will be an element. While the cardio room will be open during
this time, we recommend using the Portage facility, or wearing ear plugs. It will be very loud
intermittently throughout the day. We expect this work to be done between 6a and 4p.

--The new playground installation began this week. We will see mulch and sand delivered, to
be spread by our friends and volunteers from PNC Bank on Saturday, June 24.

--Cement trucks will be stationed around the perimeter of our grounds on the east and south side, to
pour the foundation/slab of the addition. This will impact access to the Y parking lot.
--We encourage our members and visitors to use the Maple School parking lot and get used to entering the Y facility from the North side (Maple Street) entrance.

IMPACT TO USERS: Alterations to the Tennis entrance will begin Tuesday, June 13, impacting the lobby (which will be under construction) and access to the unisex bathrooms in the hallway connecting to the Studio Room. A new temporary bathroom has been built by the Cardio room. To access the Cardio and Tennis area from the lower level, please follow the signage.

Construction continues with taller walls being built and the ground being compacted.

MAY 30
From different perspectives INSIDE the fence, we can now see the first of the structural steel set, block being laid at the west end for the multi-purpose room,and the pumping of concrete to the elevator shaft walls.

MAY 23
We ask that all able-bodied persons park in the overflow parking log off of Hudson St. behind the church. In this way, our members and guests with mild disabilities, our elderly and families with very young children will have the closest building access. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

MAY 19
ALERT/CONSTRUCTION IMPACT: The back parking lot entrance will be blocked Friday, May 19 from 11a - 2p, due to cement trucks pouring concrete. Members and guests are encouraged to use the overflow parking lot off of Hudson (behind the church) during this time. Access to handicap parking spaces may be impacted. Those who require close access are encouraged to be dropped off at the front of the building in the turn-around.

MAY 16

  • Kids Zone area is taking shape as the foundation is being dug up and prepared for the pouring of cement footings.
  • Walls have emerged.

MAY 11

  • The elevator shaft walls are being poured this week.
  • Foundation walls are also starting to emerge as the exterior walls are being built.
  • The steel is being manufactured (off site, of course.)

Transitioning to the covered tunnel.


  • A covered tunnel is being built off the south side main entrance for protection against falling debris. It will be ramped and fully accessible. Mirrors will be included to help with any blind spots. Surveillance cameras will be included.
  • We ask that all able bodied persons use the overflow parking facility off of Hudson St. (behind the church) so that those with disabilities, the elderly and parents with very young children can have the closest access to the building. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • MARCH 20
    We will be begin to see evidence in the back parking lot which will initially be used as a staging area.

    Areas of impact:

    • Canopy over rear south entrance will be removed.
    • Parking lot lines will be redrawn.
    • Handicapped parking will be moved one row south.
    • The walk way to the back entrance to the main building will redirected.
    • Fencing will be installed to contain the work site.
    • Programming and services will not be impacted at this time.