POOL OPEN DATE: The new pool is slated to open Monday, September 17. We have programmed the pool to start on this day.

: Is scheduled to open the week of August 13.

The driveway has been paved, and temporary playground equipment is being installed. (New equiptment has been ordered and will arive later in the fall.) It is important for our membership to understand that the Maple Street entrance will be for the Early Learning students and their families only. For safety and security purposes, we will continue the single point entry at the Welcome Center. The good news is that once the Maple Street entance is in full use by Early Learning families, it will alleviate much of the early morning and late afternoon /early evening congestion we currently experience in the main parking lot. Please note that the front doors will be closed and locked to non-Early Learning families.

The Maple Y will not be closing in the late summer as we have in the past for annual cleaning.


  • The Portage Fitness Center will be closed Aug 13-20. The free weight room will remain open.
  • We are getting new cardio equipment and flooring. The Nautilus strength equipment will be moved out of the fitness center temporarily.
  • Our NEW Matrix cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals and bikes) will have integrated TV screens.
  • We are keeping the six TVs because we have other equipment without integrated screens.