Prior to accessing either the Portage or Maple YMCA's, all members are required to sign our updated membership waiver. The portion of the waiver that is new has been highlighted below in green.  We have made this convenient for you by providing a link to an electronic file that allows you to complete this step prior to visiting the Y.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN ELECTRONICALLY. Have your Y barcode ready to access your account. 

Read below to familiarize yourself with the waiver.


  • I understand the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo shares my information with other YMCAs participating in Nationwide Membership.
  • I understand no refunds are given on membership dues.
  • I understand there will be a non-refundable joining fee charged to all new reactivated memberships unless waived by the YMCA by promotion or discount.
  • I understand the bank draft occurs on the 1st or 15th of the month and it's my responsibility to check my monthly statement and report any corrections immediately to the YMCA.
  • I understand that if my automatic payment cannot be processed for any reason, the transaction will be attempted again on the following draft process date and returned payment fees may apply.
  • I understand that the YMCA does not provide accident or medical insurance. To my knowledge, I am in good health, and use these facilities at my own risk.
  • I understand that membership cancellation must be submitted in writing and received by the 25th of the month prior.
  • I agree to abide by the YMCA Code of Conduct and all rules and regulations of the YMCA and its operating units and understand that failure to act in accordance with the rules may result in expulsion for the YMCA and termination of Membership. (
  • I give my permission for the YMCA to use, without limitation or obligation, photographs, film footage, or tape recordings which may include my image or voice for purposes of promoting or interpreting the YMCA.
  • I understand the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo conducts regular screenings for matches in the Federal Sex Offender Registry.  The YMCA reserves the right to deny access to anyone listed on the said registry.
  • I am aware of the recommendations by federal and state authorities on social distancing and the health risks associated with COVID-19 or any other infectious disease. I am also aware that any participation in YMCA activities is done at my own risk.
  • I have read and understand the policies of the YMCA and agree to all the terms.
June 22nd, 2020