LET THE GAMES BEGIN: In the spirit of the Tokyo Olympics, the Y is challenging members this summer to “get their personal game on” by exploring all the Y has to offer, challenge themselves in new ways, playing, and of course — winning!                  

HOW IT WORKS: Earn a Bronze, Silver, and Gold “medal” by completing a set of 10 activities from each corresponding activity card — difficulty increases as you go!  Once you earn all three medals, you win a FREE SUMMER GAMES T-shirt. Simply pick up your ACTIVITY CARDS at the Welcome Center. When complete (do at least 10 of the listed activities) turn in your activity card to the front desk. You’ll be given your medal to personalize and post on the Leader Board. Medals must be earned in the Bronze, Silver, Gold order. Each medal earns you a chance to win a free 2, 4, or 6-month membership. The drawing will be held  Friday, August 20. Members need not be present to win. Members may only earn one medal per tier.

REGISTER NOW: You can register at the Welcome Center or click here to get a head-start. 





Photo #1 -  Check out the cool novelty FREE t-shirt available (while supplies last) once all three medals are earned!

Photo #2 - Earn all three medals -- Bronze, Silver, and Gold by completing the corresponding activity cards. You must see a staff person at the front desk to collect your medal. You can collect them one at a time as you complete each card. 

Photo #3 -  Look for the SUMMER GAMES 2021 activity cards in this brochure rack at the Welcome Centers (Maple or Portage). There is one card for each level and a fourth card that is an INFO card. You can grab your cards all at the same time, or take the next level upon completion of the prior.  

Photos #4 & #5 - These are the Leaderboards at Maple and Portage. Once you are given your medal, personalize it with the available markers and tap it under the appropriate section (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Tape is provided. 

June 22nd, 2021