Portage Full Access Family Locker Room

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Pictured: Steve Springdorf, CEO

It's Practical!

The new gender shared locker room design is now the standard for new Y construction across the country. This innovative, space-saving concept minimizes the footprint of traditional locker rooms previously requiring double the space, reducing the percentage of the overall facility and drastically cutting resources to maintain it. The new locker room features a state-of-the-art ventilation system providing better heating, cooling, and humidity control with a much higher energy efficient delivery system. In short, a smaller, more efficient space and fewer mechanical support systems ultimately mean fewer operating costs.

This is a major step toward making necessary improvements and expansions in a facility that is experiencing a growing demand for more aquatics programming, says Peter Militzer, the Y's Director of Healthy Living and Membership.

With water exercise gaining traction for addressing arthritis, pregnancy, and obesity, we're now able to better accommodate all who are looking for the benefits of water exercise.