Photo identification or membership must be presented upon check-in.

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Youth Facility Usage

Youth Members up to age 7

  • Must be accompanied by and participating with an adult in all areas unless taking a program (i.e. swim lessons or tennis class).
  • Kid Zone is provided for youth members at $1 per family per visit.
  • 5-7 years old may participate in Healthy Kids University Club.
  • May not use any of the exercise equipment (Cardio, Weight or Free Weights).

Youth Members ages 8 - 11

  • May participate in scheduled youth activities in the Youth Center without an adult.
  • Must pass a swim test to swim without an adult - unless otherwise specified the adult must be in the pool area.
  • May not use any of the exercise equipment (Cardio, Weight, or Free Weights).

Youth Members ages 12 - 14

  • May use the facility without an adult; with the exception of exercise equipment.
  • May use all exercise equipment only if accompanied by an adult and AFTER completing an orientation.

Youth Members ages 15 - 18

  • May use the facility at any time with no restrictions.
  • Equipment orientation must be completed prior to using the exercise equipment.

Guest Policy

  • Members may bring guests at any time. If it is your guest's first visit to the YMCA the visit is free. For subsequent visits, the day pass fee applies.
  • All guests must show a photo ID.
  • Youth guests under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Current Day Pass rates: $10 Adult, $8 Teen (13-18), $6 Youth (12 and under) or $25 Family