Things You Need to Know

Photo identification or proof of membership must be presented upon check-in.

All members are required to have signed an updated waiver form prior to coming back to the Y after the COVID-19 closure. Please click here to process electronically. 

Facility Usage

Youth Members up to age 7
  • Must be accompanied by and participating with an adult in all areas unless taking a program (i.e. swim lessons or tennis class)
  • Kids Zone is provided for youth members for a $10 monthly fee per family
  • Children 5 and up may participate in Healthy Kids University, when available
  • May not use any of the exercise equipment (Cardio, Weights or Free Weights)
  • New pool usage requirements for youth 14 and under require deepwater tests—read more here
Youth Members ages 8 - 11
  • May participate in scheduled youth activities in the Youth Center without an adult
  • Must pass a swim test to swim without an adult - unless otherwise specified, the adult must be in the pool area
  • May not use any of the exercise equipment (Cardio, Weights, or Free Weights)
  • 11 year olds who are in sixth grade or above may use Fitness Center equipment after completing an orientation or accompanied by an adult
Youth Members ages 12 - 14
  • May access the facility without an adult
  • May use the pool without an adult, after passing the swim test
  • May use all exercise equipment only if accompanied by an adult and after completing an orientation
Youth Members ages 15 - 18
  • May use the facility at any time without any restrictions
  • Equipment orientation must be completed prior to using the exercise equipment
General Guidelines
  • At the Maple Branch, no bags are allowed in the weight room track area, or gym area (during open gym time only)
  • Only water can be consumed (in a tightly sealed container) in all exercise areas; other beverages can be consumed in the common areas
  • Cardio equipment is limited to 30 minutes if others are waiting. Strength training equipment is limited to one set if others are waiting. Please allow others their opportunity to work out—don't monopolize a piece of equipment. Members are asked to be respectful of others by re-racking weight plates and wiping off all equipment after use.
  • Full Access locker room barrier-free spaces designed for all persons, and are especially useful for those requiring extra physical space or privacy, and parents accompanying children of the opposite sex. 

Our YMCA has policies in place for the benefit, safety, and welfare of our members, guests, and our organization. All policies are approved by the YMCA Board of Directors.

Cell Phone Usage

Conditions of Membership

Early Closing Areas

Exercising Courtesy

Grounds for Suspension or Termination

Guest/Day Pass Policy

Gym Rules

Hold Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Joining Fee

Locker Room Policy

Medical Discontinuation

Member / Participant Code of Conduct

Membership Cancellation

Membership Categories

Membership Dues

Methods of Payment

Nationwide Member Reciprocity


Policy of Nondiscrimination

Program Cancellation


Service Animals


Tobacco Policy

Sexual Offender Policy