THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE VISITING THE Y TO USE THE AQUATICS AREA:  Lap lanes, open swimming, and water exercise classes will require reservations on a new software system called MOTION VIBE, which can be accessed here.  Members can open their personal account at any time by using their YMCA ID number, which can be found on your membership card.

Updates for the week of November 9th

Water Exercise

  • All water aerobics classes will be open for 2 registrations per week​

Lap Swim

  • In order to address the high demand for pool access under COVID guidelines the Y is encouraging swimmers to share a lane. This is in accordance with our Health Departments guidelines for safe practices in the pool. You can either register for a "Lap Lane" and have the lane to yourself, or bring another member with you. The other option is to register for a "shared lap lane" and if all spots are taken you will be splitting the lane with another member. 

Instructional Pool Family Swim (Maple only)

  • The entire pool will now be open as indicated in MOTION VIBE as "Family" Swim. This includes the splash area and the resistance area. 
  • There will be a capacity of 3 units for family swim times
  • One family member registers and may bring up to 4 additional family members that are also members of the Y. Everyone may use all sections of the pool, please distance appropriately.
  • There will still be a couple of times for just splash pad reservations and resistance pool reservations.

Adult Aquatics

Swim Team

Lifeguard Program & Certifications