Membership For All.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all.

So, we offer several categories of membership:

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Membership Type Monthly Fee  Joining Fee
3 Adult Household (includes dependents)**  $102 ($20 add on for each additional adult 4+) $60 (Waived in February!)
2 Adult Household (includes dependents)** $82 $60 (Waived in February!)
1 Adult Household (includes dependents)** $63 $60 (Waived in February!)
Adult $50 $60 (Waived in February!)
Young Adult (20 - 29) $32 $0
Teen (13 - 19) $23 $0
Youth (12 & Under) $18 $0
Upgrade Add-Ons (*Available at Maple, only)  Monthly Fee  
*Full Service Each Adult $20  
*Full-Service Towel Service - limit two towels per visit $15  
*Full-Service Locker Rental - Full-Size Locker $15  
*Full-Service Locker Rental – ½ Size Locker $10  
*Full-Service Locker Rental – Kit Locker $5  
*** 24-Hour Access (For members 18+) $5  
Additional Adult on a 3 Adult Household membership $20  
Kid's Zone $10  

Membership Details

These are the rates for 2024.Current rates for 2023 are slightly lower.The rates for 2024 will be effective 1/1/2024.

Membership rates are subject to change.

*Full Service is available at the Maple Location. Locker room for adults 18+ only. Includes private workout area and lounge.

**Household memberships include dependents under age 24 residing in the household. 

***Requires purchase of keyfob and signed agreement. 

Membership may be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. All payment methods are on a prepaid basis. The joining fee, when one is in place, is due upon joining.

Membership dues are not refundable.

The monthly payment plan is an Automatic Monthly Payment (AMP). The membership fee is withdrawn from your checking, savings, MasterCard, or Visa account on the 1st or 15th of each month.

Quarterly and annual payments may be paid through invoice.

Financial assistance is available.