All tennis court rental participants are to follow all tennis policies, and the tennis courts can be rented for tennis play only.

New Online Court Sheets for viewing! 

View our tennis court sheets online to find available courts for rental before calling us to reserve and pay.  All court fees are due at the time rental.  To rent a court, call us at 269-345-9622 up to 7 days in advance of when you would like to play.

Maple Court Sheets - Click here

Portage Court Sheets - Click here


Indoor Tennis Court Rentals

Day Time Adult Youth w/Adult and Youth
Mon-Fri 5am - 9am $14/hr $12/hr
Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm $18/hr $12/hr
Mon-Fri 3pm - 9pm $22/hr $12/hr
Mon-Fri 9pm-10pm $14/hr $12/hr
Sat-Sun All Day $16/hr $12/hr

Youth: Age 18 and younger
Adult: Age 19 and older

September through May: Full price for all reservations and walk-on.
June through August: All indoor court fees are $10 per hour and walk-on.
Outdoor Court Use: Free walk-on for Maple outdoor courts. Outside clay courts at Portage are available for $6 per hour.

Must be a YMCA member to reserve tennis courts.  All guest fees apply to anyone playing who is a non-member.
Reservations can be made 7 days in advance. All court reservations must be paid for in full at the time reservation.

To reserve a court, call Maple (269) 345-9622 or Portage (269) 324-9622.