Maple Aquatics Center users will be impacted beginning the first week of April as we begin a renovation project that will bring significant improvements to the way we access the pool from the locker rooms.

This renovation will create a common area vestibule on the poolside, allowing us to:

  • Improve accessibility into the pool area for those with mobility issues, particularly in the All-Access Locker room, where narrow corridors and heavy doors are not conducive to barrier-free movement.
  • Update and replace aged and damaged doors and frames in that area.
  • Add an emergency exit door on the west side of the building which will improve our fire safety.

Affected areas:

  • Men's Full-Service Locker Room
  • Men's General Locker Room
  • All Access / Family Locker Room
  • Women's General Locker Room


To access the hot tub and pools, all locker room users will be routed to exit their respective locker rooms by backtracking into the main hallway and walking down to the Aquatics center through the door at the observation area which leads into the Lap Pool area.

There will be a temporary privacy wall installed just before the Men's and Women's Full Service locker room entrances in the hallway (to the left of the chalkboard) that will provide some privacy. Floor mats will be laid down for traction.

We will be sharing visuals of the floorplans of how the traffic will be redirected in the next two weeks. 

Watch for details as we approach the start date of this project.

March 10th, 2023