Testimonials: What our members say...

There are lots of reasons people come to the Y. 

Whether it's swim lessons, time on an elliptical, or the friendly faces that greet you on the way in, our members choose the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo every day. Read below for some of their stories. 

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Nichole H.

Janet J.

Aaron K.

Kay S.


Skyler G.

Michelle W.

Ian M.

Ken M.

Chet and Barb S.

Savannah B.

Helen M.

Shawn B.

Suzie N. B.

Matt B.

Katy M.

Liz C.


Kayla P.

Curtis M.

Nkenge B.

Melissa R.

Andrea H.

Brittany C.

Sherry K.

Claire D.

Anna Joy T.

Mallory S.

Renee B.