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Youth Tennis Classes

Get involved with the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo's youth tennis classes!

Quickstart Training

Tiny Tykes

Ages 3-4

This beginners class is designed to develop hand-eye coordination and listening skills. It emphasizes group interaction and uses age-appropriate equipment.

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Ages 4-6

Your child will acquire the fundamentals of all tennis strokes using QuickStart as a foundation. Our expert staff will also focus on developing your child's hand-eye coordination and general athletic skills.

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Competitors 1

Ages 6-10

This class is the first step to becoming a tournament level tennis player. We will focus on stroke technique, as well as learning how to compete with other children in a controlled environment. Sportsmanship and fair play will be emphasized. We will also introduce off-court strength and quickness training. Both 36-foot and 60-foot courts will be used.

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Competitors 2

Ages 7-12

At this point, children in this class can rally and serve consistently and are developing directional control. Our goal is to develop a well-rounded, competitive game for your child. Strength and quickness will be developed through off-court training. Involvement in USTA tournament play is encouraged. 60-foot courts will be used. Pro approval is needed.

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Competitors 3

Ages 7-12

These kids can play! These players rally consistently, execute some advanced tactics and are comfortable in USTA tournament and Junior Team play. Players work on developing effective swing technique, including the use of spin and speed, becoming more aware of their opponent, how to structure a point in their favor and refining serve techniques including the use of spin on the second serve.

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Private Lessons with a Pro

For information or to schedule a lesson call the Maple Branch at (269) 345-9622 x170 or the Portage Branch at (269) 324-9622 x426.

Team Training

Teen Tennis 101

Ages 12-17

This is an introductory level class for teens who want to learn the basics of the game.

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For the player who wants to make an impact on their high school team. The focus will continue on conditioning, drills to hone technique, and match play situations.

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All State

These players are the strongest in our Team Training Program. Through strength training, match play and drills designed around point play, players will grow to their greatest potential. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

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High Performance


Designed for tour-level students who have mastered the basic techniques and tactics. Development of stamina and strength through rigorous off-court conditioning is emphasized. Players will work on flight time, spin and speed of the ball, and developing a tactical game plan around attacking and defending. These players will travel to USTA tournaments outside of the Kalamazoo area.

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Elite I

Players must already prove themselves to be highly motivated before admittance. USTA tournament play must be a priority, with an emphasis on Midwest rankings. Classes will be based on competitive situations and advanced stroke technique. Pre-approval is required to register.

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Elite II

This is our most advanced class offered. Players must be able to handle accelerated ball speeds and be extremely consistent. USTA tournament play is mandatory, with an emphasis on Midwest and National levels. All players involved in this class should have the desire to play college tennis or beyond! Pre-approval is required to register.

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