Join us for the upcoming Lunch and Learn program led by Leadership and Management Development Specialist & Certified Coach Lynne Fuller Williams who will lead us through discussions and exercises to dive into great self-help areas that can be life-changing! The session is free.  Lunch will be included. Seats are limited. 

Managing Complaining: Tuesday, July 2, 12:00 to 1:30pm at Portage 

Program Description from Lynne: 

Did you ever notice how much people love to complain?  Human beings seem, sadly, to be almost addicted to complaining.  And, if you are a person that other people complain to all the time, then there is something you are providing that keeps them coming back to you.  Not all complaining is angry and contentious.  Complaining can look benign, like just sharing with others about all the things that are not working out as they should in life. We complain about the things we are resisting, putting up with, and trying to fix.

What is it about complaining that is so enticing?  Complaining doesn’t add anything positive to life.  As a matter of fact…and this is important…there is a huge cost to having our complaints always be present. 

In this session we will do an exercise that will get to the source of our need to complain about life, others, and even ourselves.  We will distinguish the COST of complaining and the giant PAYOFF that we get from it.  Once you see this, you will have a new level of freedom from complaining and you will know how to be a person that others don’t complain to.  Prepare yourself for some fun and enlightening conversation and a breakthrough in happiness.


May 23rd, 2024